Sunday, 5 June 2011

The Farnes, and Loch Maree

Here's a few images from the past couple of weeks. Bad weather firstly put off the UOC Wildlife Photographer's Society's trip to Bass Rock and although we managed to make it onto the Farnes.

A week later I headed up to Poolewe, up near Loch Maree, for a family holiday. Unfortunately the weather was poor until the Thursday, although we still had a brilliant time, in a beautiful place.

Drake Garganey at Holywell this afternoon, I've got some video to upload tomorrow.


  1. Nice shots there Cain! Loch Maree is fab, once had a telephone interview for a job in the car park overlooking it, whilst watching black-throated divers and a golden eagle!

  2. Cheers Iain. Loch Maree is one beautiful place, that telephone interview must have been a bit surreal!