Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A Rare Thing...

… Holywell Birder on a proper twitch. Accompanied by Crammy Birder, Killy Birder, Aughton Birder and AH. A full write up can be found on Killy Birder's blog, but here's some images from the night.

Aughton's terrible climbing skills.

Amongst the crowds.

Killy up the ladder.

Dapper Red-Backed Shrike at Seaton Carew (in my books better than the bird behind the wall)


  1. Ha ha. I recognise a face or two. Mr Aughton looks as though he is intent on falling over the other side of the wall to catch a better look.:-) A great evening. Cheers.

  2. I'd agree with you, a Red-Backed Shrike would top my list, hard to beat any day in any case. Top class.(that is whenever a day comes I should actually see one ;) )

  3. A fab day and I reckon 'Aughton birder's climbing skills would still have been better than mine, lol!

    Full marks for dedication, I would have just braved the ladder myself, lol.