Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Its been a year...

Doesn't feel like it, feels a lot longer but it has been a year since my first post. I started this blog to express my passion for birds, the natural world, and most importantly Holywell. Hopefully I have achieved this. The blog has been an amazing aid to the development of my knowledge, through recording but also through the passionate people I have met through blogging and the opportunities which have presented themselves. Hopefully I've been some use to someone reading this blog :P

The blog began talking about Roosts, after visiting Cowraik Quarry today watching the corvids feeding I thought it was fitting to watch another roost. Although not corvids today, Starlings, the 400+ birds are beginning to thin out at Newton Rigg, but it is still a spectacle in a half. I watch it most nights, it never ceases to amaze me, and its always different.

I've met some amazingly dedicated and passionate people this year and hope to meet many more in the coming years.

Thank You

Cain Scrimgeour