Tuesday, 14 June 2011

A little something

I've been filming these Sparrowhawks for a past few days now, they have at least 2 very small chicks, a couple of days old at the most when I filmed this.

The female leaves the nest for about a minute, you can hear both birds calling as a food pass occurs in the background, the best shots are when the female returns. 

Best viewed in HD.


  1. Amazing what you can see with a ladder :)

  2. Ladder-less on this one, thankfully they picked a low nest this year

  3. now then - could these be the guys I see flying over west monkseaton Metro and taking out starlings in my back garden I wonder? Am I close Cain?

  4. Its the only pair I know of in the area, so quite possibly.

  5. thanks Cain..don't suppose you could sqeeze me into the hide, I would so love to see these and even grab a shot...if it's a problem I can totally understand