Tuesday, 24 May 2011

School Boy Error

Went down to Holywell this evening, grabbed camera and rushed out as I had to pick my sister up from Explorer's. I just passed through the cut and reached the track and a bird of prey caught my attention hunting over the field, immediately I knew it was a Marsh Harrier, a female. The camera was already set on the tripod, but as I went to get some footage the dreaded almost embarrassing  'No Card' appeared, I'd left it in the reader at home. The bird seemed to be quartering the entire field so I ran back to the car to drive home for a card, I stopped off at Joe's to let him know, and generously he lent me one of his cards.

Unfortunately on my return the Harrier had moved on, a quick jog down to the public hide, and I picked it up hunting in the reeds to the left of the members hide, another quick jog back up, just my luck to hear it had just been mobbed back down towards the public end.

I wondered down to the East Pool, the air was filled with Swifts, hundreds of them, watching and scanning for a while, Swallow, Sand Martin and House Martin were picked up, although in much smaller numbers. The East Pool was quite busy with 2 pair of Tufted Duck, 2 pair of Shelduck, Mallard, Lapwing, Coot, Little Grebe, and a single Reeve

Continuing heading down towards the Obelisk I picked up the distant white of a Barn Owl hunting, through my circular walk I had almost constant views. On passing the 'no trespassing' field a Fox, could just be seen on the brow of the hill, joined by a Carrion Crow in pottered about just out of view for a good few minutes, the wind wasn't in my favour so I never got more than its ears or head in view.

A nice night to a wet day.

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