Wednesday, 24 November 2010


A trip up to the Brampton Road campus in Carlisle this afternoon proved to be more than worthwhile. We were primarily there to pick up a video camera and boom mic to do some filming, but as we left the car a flock of 30 plus Waxwings flew over head, heard before seen. As we entered the building 8 or so flew back over and landed in a mature Ash tree opposite the car park. From here the flock were dropping down into the berry bushes in a large private garden. I always get excited when I see this species, so magnificent, today was no different, as they flew over I shouted to my mate 'Waxwings, LOOK, LOOK, LOOK', he just shrugged them off, and as he moved I noticed two lasses sitting in their car showing a look of bewilderment.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Expedition Ardnamurchan

As part of my degree we have to plan and participate in a expedition, with the aim of film and stills being produced. In April 2011 four of us BA(hons) Wildlife and Media 2nd years are going to Ardnamurchan in the aim of photographing and filming Pine Martens, Otters and Eagles.

As part of the planning progress our group has put together a 2011 Calendar, in order to raise funds for ourselves and help the local Ardnamurchan Community Group.

We are selling the Calendars for £5, if you would like to support us on our expedition please drop me an email at or leave me a comment on this post.

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