Friday, 11 January 2013


Yesterday I had a text off SP, letting me know that there was a Tundra Bean Goose amongst the Pink-Footed Goose flock at the Obelisk. So this morning I picked up SW at 09:00 and headed along to Holywell, MH had just pulled up as we arrived. We headed down, and thankfully the geese were there, 350+ Pink-Footed Geese. It took us some time to work our way through the flock in the dull conditions, but eventually MS spotted a likely candidate standing asleep, it soon revealed itself to be the Tundra Bean Goose. 

The surrounding Pink-Footed Geese provided a great comparison, as it slept it seemed to stand on longer legs, and as it moved closer the clean orange legs, and narrow tail band could clearly be seen, coupled with the orange subterminal bill band. Mike did his best to get some digi-scoped images, although the light was terrible !

Great find by SP !


  1. That should have been me !!! finding the Tundra but..................
    The difference between a good birder S.P. and a bad one Sedgie Warbler.
    Have you had Waxers aty Holywell yourself Cain ??

    1. I've had them in 2006 maybe 2007, a good group of 12 or so on the Waggonway when I was biking home, and last winter at the sewage station, just 2 of them.