Friday, 4 January 2013

Late Night Blackbirds

I was struggling to sleep last night, so instead headed out to record the Blackbirds which have been pumping out their songs for the past few weeks now. We can here at least 4 birds from the house in the early hours, last night I found myself hanging around Sainsbury's car park.

Here's my results,

It's great to hear their song towering above the sleeping urban environments, unknown to the majority of its inhabitants.


  1. The rented accomodation we are staying in at Gosforth backs onto the Metro repair sheds/ sidings which are lit up all night. I've listened to the Blackies accompanied by Robins on numerous occasions. Just before xmas one evening i had a couple of Wrens joined in !!!!

  2. I can hear the court proceedings now...........
    Magistrate...Err, and what were you doing loitering in Sainsburys Car-park at 3:30am Mr S
    Mr S...Err, recording Blackbird song You Honour
    Magistrate...Oh yes, oh yes.
    I love the song of the Blackbird but unusually haven't heard much song locally from them so far. I did have a Robin singing at about 3:00am on 2nd Jan. Cheers.

    1. Haha, I'm surprised the police weren't called, wouldn't of been the first time !

  3. Yeah my friend has told me it's the same around Wallsend, with the B-birds in full song in the wee small hours. Robin has also been heard at this time.

    Maybe it's due to the milder conditions?

  4. Nice recording! But that slog up Monkseaton Drive is a lot more than 8 metres elevation - 42m, according to google earth ;-)