Thursday, 31 January 2013

The Stars

Last night I was blessed with a clear spell, and the forecast of stary skies, although the wind was strong. I headed up to the Simonside Hills to capture a time-lapse, as part of the Northumberland National Park by Night Project. 

I'd setup two cameras and went for a wander, passing through a Conifer plantation, heavily swaying in the wind, I reached a road. All of sudden a shooting star past low over head, very low, it trailed through the sky for at least 10 seconds, before breaking into two pieces and fading out. The best shooting star I've seen yet. I thought no more of it, until I picked up the cameras and found that I had caught it in a frame !

I was privileged to have this shot shown on this evenings BBC Look North.


  1. Nice one. Looks like the heavens were aiming at Scotland

  2. Great shot Cain. I had the scope on Jupiter last night around 7.15 when a bright spot flashed across the field of view heading south, but was out of sight when I looked up. What time did you take your shot?

  3. Just seen your fantabulous image on the gogglebox. Well done. Makes a change from that Terry Cavner! LOLOL
    I've been sitting here appreciating the image even more.
    ANYBODY would be very proud to put there name to it.

  4. Great Shots, and another on BBC tonight! Dave Elliott