Tuesday, 12 January 2010

An overdue update

On the 09/01/2010 I received a text from BD saying there were Brambling in the feeding station, sorted a few things out then drove down at about 14:00. At first I thought only one bird was present, and adult winter female bird, but as I watched I caught a glimpse of a dappa adult winter male as well. I had to move on, although I did flush a Woodcock at the gate to the reserve.

Sunday 10/01/10, saw me back down at Holywell to try and get some pictures of the Brambling, and to spread some seed. (Look at my 'Get Involved' post). On the way I passed 60+ Pink-Footed Geese in fields to the East of the Holywell Road, (between Earsdon and Holywell), the snow was beginning to thaw today.

I Arrived at the hide to find it chocker, with a bitter wind, so only the left shutter was open. The majority of people I presume came to see the Brambling, and I was informed by SH, who was present in the hide, that they were still showing. Moving on sharpish to avoid the crowds we walked down to the public hide. Not a lot about so I headed for the East fields and the Obelisk area in search of Buntings.

Just East of the Public hide, a group of 100 Geese were feeding, consisting of 80 Greylag and 20 Pink Foot. From here I headed for the Obelisk, in the cow field I stood and watched a Male Kestrel, hunt, it managed to catch a vole whilst I watched. 4 Woodcock were flushed from the small copse just West of the Obelisk. Following the hedgerow East of the Obelisk before the plantation, I found the Bunting flock, although significantly reduced in number, before the new year I had counted 25+ Yellowhammer, this day I counted 5, and 10 Reed Bunting, making use of the pheasant feeders. After putting some more seed down I moved on back to the car. A Stock Dove flew overhead as I left.

On the 11/01/2010 I didn't get far, only the car boot to walk the dog, where Curlew were making use of the wet grass for probing.

Today, 12/01/2010, my dad woke me up to show me a Fieldfare a couple gardens along, feeding on the Crab Apple tree, a first for the street. I went along to Holywell at about 14:00, the pond is rapidly thawing, although 80% was still frozen. As I opened the left shutter a mature Male Sparrowhawk was hunting in the feeding station, not keeping still, but not bothered by my presence, either due to it being low in condition, or more likely due to it being switched on to hunting mode. No gulls were present on the pond, waterfowl consisted of 8 Moorhen, 5 Mallard, and a single Male Pochard. The Brambling weren't seen, although the feeding station was quiet due to Sparrowhawk activity. Magpie, Carrion Crow, and Woodpigeon were also about.

Again I headed for the Obelisk, 3 Redwing were present in the hedgerow just East, 1 Woodcock and 1 Common Buzzard were in the Obelisk Plantation. The surrounding fields held huge Woodpigeon flocks, feeding on the newly showing greenery. 11 Grey Partridge were flushed near to the Dark Plantation, and a large amount of Jackdaws and Rooks were circling above. The Dene was the next stop to check feeders, 1 Woodcock was flushed as I entered, the feeding stations were busy as expected with all the usual suspects.

On the way back from Sainsbury's tonight I had a flyover by a single Woodcock, another Garden tick.

If you haven't already, please read my 'Get Involved' post for links regarding Bird Aid.

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