Friday, 15 January 2010

Holywell and sp Geese

Went down to Holywell this afternoon after helping out with Bird Aid, I was greeted by 16 Fieldfare, 3 Redwing and a Mistle Thrush just by the gate in the East field.

The pond has melted a fair bit now, roughly 70% still frozen though. On the remaining ice, there was 5 Drake Gadwall sleeping, 5 Wigeon (1 Drake), 17 Mallard, 6 Moorhen, 3 Coot, 1 Great Crested Grebe, and 1 female Teal. After scanning the pond for a while I moved towards the left hand side of the hide to check for the Brambling, as I did the Water Rail ran for cover. After sitting quietly for a couple of minutes it reappeared feeding in the open to the left of the hide, no bothered by my presence, it probe in the mud for about 15 minutes, giving me the best views I've ever had of a Water Rail.

The feeding station was busy with the regulars, although lacking Brambling.

As I drove home I noticed some Geese on a newly developed flash (from the thawing snow), to the West of the A192 (between Earsdon and Holywell), I pulled in and made my way up the hedgerow to get a better view, 42 Greylag were present, but as I reached the end of the group I picked up two darker Geese, no smaller than the Greylags, with long necks, they saw me and flushed (heading West), they showed a dark back. I'm not 100% so will not be saying they were definitely Bean Geese, but I can say they were possibly of the fabalis race. Looks like and early start is ahead of me, and possibly a wild goose chase.