Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Osprey !!!!!!

The most cropped picture known to man, but there it is, my first patch Osprey! Spotted it flying high, heading quickly South as I headed for the Cattle Field.

Without fail 2 Short-Eared Owls were hunting, watching one drift high off towards St Mary's where Jack seen it later on. Time was short tonight as I joined the wardens to set a number of small mammal traps, I'm looking forward to seeing whats inside.


  1. Congrats on spotting the Osprey.

    Great that so many Short-Eared Owls are still being seen just now!

  2. I had an Osprey fly right over the pond a few years ago Cain.
    Pity I missed last nights bird as it would have been a nice addition to the raptor list for the day. Nice sighting.:-) Cheers.