Monday, 13 April 2009

Washington Wetlands

Me, my dad and my lil sis went along to Washington Wetlands today to try and see the Avocets. After a walk around feeding the birds we went down to Wader lake, we could see 3 Avocets but not the fourth, I got some pretty pathetic pictures but they'll have to do.

The Heronry there was in full swing with chicks visible in the nest, there was also a large number of Shelduck, also on the water were Greylag, Canada, Teal, Mallard (one female with 8 ducklings), Coot, Moorhen, Shoveler, and 4 Grey Wagtails. We walked round to the feeding station which was busy, most impressively with the number of Bullfinch.

A good day.

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  1. Xcellent pic of the Bullfinch. Stunning birds in the right light and one that can give most exotic birds a run for their money!