Monday, 20 April 2009

Sponsored Tyne Bridge Zip Line

On the 17th of June this year I will be taking part in a sponsored zip line off the Tyne Bridge, for the Percy Hedley Foundation. The foundation was established in 1953 as a charitable school for children with cerebral palsy, its purpose to promote the rights, needs and aspirations people through specialist and quality services. It now meets the needs of disabled people with cerebral palsy, communication impairments, sensory impairments, and complex learning, social care and therapeutic needs. (

The money raised from this event will be used to raise £1.2 million for a hydrotherapy pool with a multi sensory environment for disabled children and adults all over the North East. This is a really good cause, and will improve the facilities for many people throughout the North East. I would be very grateful if you could sponsor me.

Here is the link to my online sponsor form

Thank You, Cain


  1. Wish I had known earlier and I would have had a go.......NOT! ;-) Great stuff. Hope you raise loads and don't forget to watch for Kittiwakes on the way down! Brian.

  2. I'll send you a quid and I'll make it two if you get more than five species whilst in the air.