Sunday, 8 March 2009

Holywell Pond

Biked down to hide at 16:30 today, was quite windy but the sun was out. 25 species in total, lower than the usual, normally get around the 30 mark. Most of the ducks and grebes on pond had been pushed into the bay just in front of the key hide, providing good views. 54 Wigeon were the dominant force of the bond, Pair of Great Crested Grebes asleep then doing part of the courtship behaviour, chest to chest with head shaking but no gift or rise, 2 Pair of Shelduck were providing an aerial display as one pair chased the other off the pond, a male Kestrel over by the public hide, Goldeneye numbers seem to be thinning out with only one male seen today, feeding quite quiet, a Song Thrush over the east hedge line, and my first Little Grebes for the year made an appearance right on front of the hide trilling. 63 Species so far.

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