Monday, 29 April 2013

Nature Watch

This morning I arrived back in the Tyne after a weekend filming with ORCA on DFDS Princess Seaways. Heading straight out, I bumped into SW, and met up with AH at St Mary's to catch up with the Wagtails, we were successful on all accounts, Pied, White, Yellow and Blue-Headed, a sign of good things to come?

After a trip round the Great North Museum this afternoon with my Grandad, I headed out to meet 5 Whitley Bay Explorer Scouts for week two, of a five week 'Nature Watch' program I'm running. Last week went extremely well! We visited Big Waters (thanks for the seed John) and began on the basics, which they took to, and enjoyed.

This week we ventured North to Cresswell pond, on arrival, and the opening of the shutters, species learnt last week were being called out, noted down and checked in ID books, what a start! It wasn't long before unfamiliar species began to be seen, Great Crested Grebe, and Red Brested Merganser being some of the first, it was great to see last weeks excitement heightened by these different looking birds, and the challenge of identification was taken in their stride. The hide may have been slightly noisy, but it was noisy with excitement, debate, discussion, and the call of new sightings.

We were joined by another birder, he picked up a bird in the distance and asked what it was, I took a step back and let the Explorers take over, 'Shoveler' was called by all of them, and thats exactly what it was! 

As the sun began to fade a Yellow Wagtail dropped onto the sandbar, we all got onto to it, one soon into 25+, there was a definite buzz in the hide, especially when we found at least 2 Blue Headed (type) Wagtails amongst them! along with 3 White and 4 Pied.

The evening finished off with Curlews coming in to roost, with one leucistic individual! What a night!

Can't wait to see what next week holds.


  1. Cain,

    keep up the good work mate :)


  2. One of the most rewarding things that you can be involved in, is drawing youngsters into nature and offering inspiration. Too many of the older generation simply find reasons to suggest that youngsters aren't interested, often perhaps because it's easier to think that way than actually involve them. I echo what John says. Cheers.

  3. Some excellent birding by the sounds of it! I'm sure those who attended got a lot out of it.

    I have found that often younger people are more keen than a lot of older folk, lol. Which is ironic, given the stereotyping that can occur.