Sunday, 11 March 2012

The North Bay

Full day of filming again today, starting in the Dene, but finishing at St Mary's North Bay.



Whilst lying flat on the sand a few Rock Pipits began coming closer, as the tide covered most of the rotting seaweed.

Rock Pipit

This individual caught my eye…

Scandinavian Rock Pipit

I felt fairly confident that this was a Scandinavian Rock Pipit (littoralis), with its pink tinged underparts, reduced streaking and grey neck and mantle, with not seeing this race before I had a look at Mike's paper, and then sent a quick email to Alan and Mike, and it was confirmed. 


  1. Good work all round Cain.
    Getting down 'n dirty, that's the way.

  2. Hi Cain, certainly looks like a littoralis to me and a very smart individual at that! Resembles a Water Pipit in some ways with pinky tinge and very prominent supercilium etc but heavily streaked breast and upper parts greyer obviously rules that out.

    Nice one, Ashley

  3. Cheers mate :) It certainly stood out amongst the others.