Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Eastside migrants...

Since I got back from Scotland I seem to have been missing out on some really good birds, both on patch and locally. I caught up with the Lesser Scaup at Marden Quarry last week, today myself and SW headed over again, picking up his first lifer of the day, and some brilliant views.

Next we headed to St Mary's in search of the reported Yellow Browed Warbler, walking from Old Hartley a crowd could be seen on the horizon, we arrived to find a Firecrest showing beautifully, SW's second lifer of the day. Here's a few images I managed, but look here and here for some images which show the true beauty of this bird.

Spot the Firecrest

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  1. I want to see a fire crest. I keep trying for it in the plantation but to no avail. Did see a wood warbler in there today though. Great shot of it in the 2nd photo.