Saturday, 13 August 2011

Night of the Owls

Late evening visit to Holywell tonight, myself and Stephen got down to the pond at about 20:30, it was just going to be a quick visit.

2 Dunlin were seen feeding on the public shore in the beautiful light of the setting sun, their reflections seemed to glow on the water. We moved on to the East Pool where all was quite, after moving off from there it wasn't long before we heard the Little Owl calling, and then the screech of Barn Owls with quick glimpses of ghostly movement.

A Tawny Owl could be heard in the distance, calling from the dene.

Heading back up past the public hide at roughly 22:00 we could hear a Tawny Owl calling from what sounded like the housing estate. Getting closer and closer to the houses we were still confused as to its location, but positive it was a Tawny Owl. Following the sound we pin pointed it to a tree in a row which the lined the street. After a few minutes listening and watching we caught the silhouette of a bird flying from one tree to another along the row.

It was great to see local residents watching and listening from their front doors.

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