Sunday, 10 April 2011

This evening...

I'm pleased to find the Blue Tits have taken up residents in the camera box again, with the male voicing its presents from the roof tonight.

Then it was down to Holywell,  nice warm night, with the pleasure of a nice sunset and a visit from the Barn Owl.


  1. Very nteresting note of a barn owl closer to home than the Cresswell one which is becoming a bit of an obsession. Is it regularly seen by the pond? Or would that be the wrong place?

  2. Hi Alan,

    First of all I've just looked at your flickr page, some very shots there :) The Holywell Barn Owls don't seem to be as predictable as the Cresswell birds, as they tend to hunt over a larger area due to lack of suitable hunting grounds. The best bet is to walk around the fields by the Obelisk theres some nice field margins there, although last night I had it just by the houses at the top of the horse field on the 'NO TRESPASSING' sign.

  3. Hi Cain, thanks for the helpful information, and for your kind words re my flickr page. Look forward to bumping into you sometime. I'll be the one with a Pentax (a rare breed .. lol)

  4. Cheers Iain :)

    I'll look out for you Alan