Wednesday, 24 November 2010


A trip up to the Brampton Road campus in Carlisle this afternoon proved to be more than worthwhile. We were primarily there to pick up a video camera and boom mic to do some filming, but as we left the car a flock of 30 plus Waxwings flew over head, heard before seen. As we entered the building 8 or so flew back over and landed in a mature Ash tree opposite the car park. From here the flock were dropping down into the berry bushes in a large private garden. I always get excited when I see this species, so magnificent, today was no different, as they flew over I shouted to my mate 'Waxwings, LOOK, LOOK, LOOK', he just shrugged them off, and as he moved I noticed two lasses sitting in their car showing a look of bewilderment.


  1. Amazing aren't they - people that is :)

  2. You need to get to work on that mate! :-) As for the others............well they may have been too busy discussing X Factor, not that I would wish to stereotype of course! :-) Brian.
    btw if One Direction doesn't win it's fixed!