Monday, 11 October 2010


Back at Uni now, settled into a nice little 2 bed cottage in Sockbridge, on the River Eamont. Although I have been back in Whitley Bay for a couple of days. Yesterday was the main aim of my return, the buzz started to build on Friday, easterlies, Saturday I had to be Eastside. Ringing early Sunday at Newton produced good numbers of the more common species, with Pied Fly and 2 Stonechat being the morning highlights.

Arriving home at 13:00 I rammed some breakfast down and headed to St Mary's, hoping to see the Red-flanked Bluetail. Bumped in Brian on the way along, he had seen it in the morning, as we spoke I could see a crowd building in the are the bird was reported. Large numbers of Goldcrest were feeding at close quarters, putting a smile on my face with there inquisitive antics. The Bluetail was showing brilliantly on the fence post near the screen to the wetland, moving between tree's fencepost and the ground, a lifer :)

SP was at the front of the small crowd gathered around the bird, when I made my way to the front we got chatting, he informed me of a Dusky Warbler and a Shorelark down at Tynemouth, so we made our way. We headed straight for the Shorelark at Knott's flats, on arrival, Tom and Tim were busy photographing the bird which was feeding on a small grass verge in front of the flats, down to 2-3 metres ! After 15 minutes or so I headed for the priory and its Dusky Warbler.

Tacking could be heard on approach, putting the bins up to find the Dusky feeding in full view for a second or two be skulking back into the vegetation, tacking as it went.

A brilliant day.

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  1. I look forward to reading your next update, around christmas :)