Friday, 2 April 2010

The past few weeks ...

Just a few of my highlights over the past month or so to get blog up to speed and running regularly again.


16 Whooper Swans overhead at Great Mell Fell


Visit Little Salkeld area, really enjoyed it, I will be back. Highlights, 30+ Golden Plover, 35+ Tree Sparrow, and a Red Squirrel.


Tawny Owl calling at 07:15 just outside of campus window.

2 Bullfinch at Gilwilly Pond

200+ Siskin Greystoke Forest


Walked the campus fields, 4 singing Yellowhammers, 2 Pair Grey Partridge, and 2 Brown Hare.


Had a trip to Haweswater with Ewan the Geltsdale Wildlife Warrior, weather was like pea soup. Birds of note, 2 Great Crested Grebe, Dipper, 1 Female Goosesander, 1 Drake Goldeneye.


Female Sparrowhawk flew past campus kitchen window with Blackbird sized prey.


6 singing Yellowhammer at Backworth


9 Lesser Black Backed Gull at Cramlington


Went to Holywell highlight of a Female Goosesander


Walk down Holywell Dene, highlight a pair of Grey Wagtail


Chiff Chaff seen in hedgerow on carboot


6 Yellowhammer singing again at Backworth


8 singing Yellowhammer and 2 Grey partridge at Backworth


1 Singing Chiff Chaff Brierdene


3 Chiff Chaff singing at Stocksfield


Spent a day with Brian the Killy Birder, check his blog for a write up with pictures :). Was a good day.

Also report of WT Eagle got me down to Preswick car but too late missed it.


Met Phil the Crammy Birder at 10:30, first stop Preswick Carr, after 5-10 minutes we picked up WT Eagle over Plantation by Mayfair House being mobbed by Buzzards. It flew overhead at about 30 metres and looked down upon us, it was amazing, such a huge bird. We watched it for 10-15 minutes before it moved off over towards Dobbies. (will get the record shot up tomorrow)

We continued on to pick the Common Crane up at Eshott, opposite Shaw Farm.


This morning I was up at Harwood with my dad and a mate. No sign Great Grey Shrike, but plenty Crossbills.

The blog will be back to normal from now.


  1. new to your site and of intrest as im lucky enough to live on the approach to the pond[feeders on trees in back garden ]hears a couple from the area swallow saturday3rd april,2house martins 19th march.last week we had reedbunting in garden as well as a black cap[I think..not being a expert] last week saw a nuthatch only 2nd one ive seen in garden in 10 years.3weeks ago 1waxwing.the barn owl that hunts over the fields is back in her usual nest site so hopfully more young again this year,

  2. Hi Kev, I think I know where your at. Thanks for all your sightings, no doubt see you about.

    Cheers Cain