Sunday, 26 July 2009

Old Park Wood

Yesterday I was watching my little sister, first we were at the cinemas seeing the new Ice Age which was pretty good, but afterwards nothing was planned. As I'm always up for an adventure and seeing new places so I got my Morpeth & Blyth out and found somewhere interesting, which turned out to be Old Park Wood just outside of Netherwitton, I picked a mate up which came prepared as always, due to my tendency to go to remote locations for a good few hours, and off the three of us went.

Didn't take long to get there and we pulled up onto the forest track. Got kitted up with boots and off we went, after my day out with Brian my eyes were opened for more plants and Butterflies. The first Plant of note was Burdock in a small clearing of the forest.

Burdock Artcium minus

Nearby I also spotted this Red Currant.

Red Currant Ribes rubrum

As we walked through the forest a Common Buzzard could be heard along with views of a Willow Warbler, and the crys of a few Jays.

As the forest opened up in areas where the timber had been cut there were areas of established meadow which held a large number of Butterflies and other insects. I noted Small Skipper, Green-veined white, Red Admiral, Ringlet, Small White as well as a single Common Darter and a Common Lizard. There also seemed to be a large number of Yellowhammers calling.

Ringlet Aphantopus huperantus

Red Admiral Vanessa atalanta

Back into the last part of forest there was a huge amount of Wood Sorrel and quite a few Puff-balls.

Wood Sorrell Oxalis acetosella
Puff-balls Lycoperdon perlatum

I really good walk, and a site I will definitely visit again.


  1. Common Lizard, you'll have to give me the grid ref Cain, wouldnt mind trying to photograph them.

  2. That Wood Sorrel has my mouth watering! ;-) Sounds like a good area and good photos. Brian